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Related article: Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2001 10:27:08 -0400 From: british Subject: Adventure in Crete 2DISCLAIMER:This is a story. None of the characters in the story exist and the events that take place are purely imaginary.Thanks to all of you who have emailed me with comments and told me how much you enjoyed the first 'John' story. This is the second one and there are more in the pipeline, although there may be a delay as I'm on vacation for the next few weeks.WARNING:Do not read this story if you are in any way offended by acts of a homosexual nature.Do not read this if you are under the legal age for accessing adult sites.Always indulge in safe sex.Adventure to Crete - 2In common with most of his fellow countrymen, the manager of the Crete hotel took a nap in the afternoon. George as he was known to friends, family and guests gathered his papers together and carefully replaced the surveillance tapes before leaving a notice on the reception window indicating that he could be reached on the telephone. Then George left for his rooms, which were at the back of the hotel. George entered his rooms and loosened all his clothing, placed the pile of papers on his desk and switched on the television. Then he carefully selected and inserted a tape.Within seconds the screen was alive with pictures of George's nephew Panos and the new English teenager that had arrived the previous day. George's hand reached down Preteen Porn Pics to his hardening cock as he watched Nick - the English boy - take Panos' cock in his mouth and indulge in a highly effective display of oral cock worship. George thought to himself that Panos had done a great job in getting Nick into the room that was specially set up to video the activity that went on there. George had phoned Panos before he left the family business to deliver the laundry that there was a possible new recruit in the hotel. As the events on the screen unfolded George began to tease his uncut cock with his hands. Keeping a good clear view of the proceedings on the television, George thought back to how he had recruited Panos to join in his favourite activity.George had known Panos since he was born and had become increasingly close to his nephew. Panos had been a friendly child and as a boy George had used the hotel swimming facilities to teach Panos to swim. Uncle and nephew had often seen each other naked and George had been able to watch his nephew's steady development. He hoped - even planned how he might achieve this ambition - to teach Panos about sex when he was old enough to appreciate the joys of mutual sexual fulfilment. When the opportunity came it was quite sudden. George and his nephew had been swimming and had returned to the changing rooms. As they dried themselves George noted that Panos had popped a boner, which the young boy did nothing to hide. The sight of his nephew's boner caused George's cock to grow stiff as well, a fact that Panos did not fail to notice either. As the uncle's hard-on grew larger, his foreskin began to roll back off the head as Panos watched open-eyed. George moved closer to Panos looked into his eyes and took hold of the teenager's hand and placed it firmly on his engorged cock. Panos did not jump back but demonstrated that he was fully aware of how to wank a cock. Panos began to move his hand, unsteadily at first but with increasing confidence, up and down the length of his uncle's cock. At the same time, George felt the teenager's cock pushing hard against his stomach and he reached down and took the smaller but equally hard cock in his hand. The mutual masturbation indulged in by uncle and nephew resulted in each of them spewing cum over the other. From that day onwards Panos and George met as often as possible and the older man began to teach the nephew as much as possible about the pleasures of sexual activity. Panos was a fast learner and soon had mastered the skills of oral as well as manual stimulation. George also taught his young pupil how to hold back from shooting his cum too early. Finally, when the boy had turned seventeen had introduced the subject of anal sex. The education of the nephew concluded Preteen Porn Pics one late sum s rampant young teenage cock into his uncle's more than receptive hole. After much effort Panos had delivered a mighty load of teenage jizz deep inside his uncle's bowels just as George fired an impressive stream of cum all over the walls of his bedroom.The idea to develop a video system and record activity between guests and staff came later. George was surprised to receive a very late booking asking for the sole use of the hotel in late October. The client offered a large sum and George gratefully accepted. The booking had been made in the name of a Dutchman named Paul Van Hoost who turned out to be about the same age as George (35) but very smooth and good-looking. The other guests that arrived were a German called Lars, a Moroccan called Ahmed and an American whose name George never quite discovered.The four men asked for a conference room and video facility, which George was happy to provide. They also asked not to be disturbed as they had important negotiations to undertake. George was more than happy to oblige these high paying guests but offered to provide drinks from time to time during the day. The times for drink intervals was agreed but one day George arrived a few moments early and as he entered the room the video was still playing. George recognised a sex movie when he saw one and this one involved various young men in a variety of sexual acts. The sight was sufficient to make George's trousers tent out as his cock responded to the stimulating scenes.Lars, the German member of the group, closed the Preteen Porn Pics door quickly and looked at George and said,"I think you like the pictures. You should not have seen this but now you have, we may be able to involve you further, if you would be interested?"George's cock was doing the talking for him but he managed to reply,"I'm very interested. How can I help?"Paul, the Dutchman, replied,"First, watch one of these videos and tell us whether you would buy it. Also whether you think that you could find a place near here where we could set up a studio without too much fuss."With that the rewind button was pressed and after some short time a rather poor quality but quite viewable video began to play. On the screen a small party of German teenaged tourists arrive in Morocco and meet several young local teenage boys. Before long the Germans and the locals are indulging in efforts to improve mutual understanding and sexual satisfaction. The dark cut pricks of the local teenagers contrasted markedly with the much pinker uncut German cocks. In the course of the video mutual wanking, oral action and fucking took place and the movie ended with all the participants firing gallons of cum all over themselves and each other.Half way through the video, George had unzipped his trousers and had released his trapped and aching hard-on into view. The sight of all that naked teenaged flesh was too much for him. He had started to wank himself off but had found the Moroccan man had moved in and was pushing his hand aside and replacing it with his own. As George finally fired his load onto the Moroccan's hand, the American spoke for the first time,"I think we can say that he liked the video. Now tell us. Is there anywhere where we can set up an operation properly?"Once he had recovered his breath, George told the other four that he thought he knew of a place that would suit them down the ground. The hotel manager offered to take his guests to look at the place but before he did they agreed to show him a second video. The movie opens with a small, teenaged German boy being found alone on a beach. The boy has blue eyes and blond hair. He is wearing only a pair of shorts and his chest is perfectly smooth and his arse fills the shorts to perfection. Two dark-skinned Moroccans who are dressed in long white robes make the discovery of the boy. Through the translucent material it is possible to see that they are naked underneath. The older of the two Arab boys holds the German in an embrace and begins to feel the German teens cock stutter into life. He turns and whispers to his younger companion and the three disappear into a cave. Once in a sheltered position the three boys soon are naked. Again the contrast between the milky whiteness of the German boy and the dark and hairy appearance of the Moroccans is startling. The German boy is sandwiched between the two Moroccans and within moments he is receiving their hard pricks in his mouth and up his arse. The dark exposed prick heads of the circumcised Moroccan teens disappear into the waiting orifices of the German whose own uncut cock bobble underneath him. The German boy bobs enthusiastically on the arrow-shaped prick in front of him and the older Moroccan teen ploughs energetically into his arse. After a while the Moroccans change places and as he lunges in and out of the German's willing love channel, the younger teen takes the German's cock in his hand and wanks him off. The older Moroccan is now deep down the German's throat and all three reach a climax almost simultaneously. The younger teen pulls out of the German's arse in time to spray a copious load all over his smooth white arse cheeks. The older then followed suit and sprayed the German's face and hair with his creamy jizz. Finally the German lost his load as it shot Arab.This movie had excited all five people in the room and all of them were wanking their dicks. Lars who was in his early twenties had an uncut cock that made up in girth what it lacked in length. He was vigorously rolling his foreskin backwards and forwards over the large pink glans and moaning as he did so. Ahmed who was several few years older was sitting next to Lars and his long dark and rather thin prick throbbed in front of him. He spat on his hand as he ran it up his shaft and massaged the exposed head of his cut prick. Like his Moroccan friend the American was in his late thirties. He was also cut but his prick was as nearly pink as the Ahmed's was dark. The cut head merged with the American's shaft and he jacked himself hard pushing his hands into his fair pubic hair and back up to the piss slit in a fast action. Paul, the Dutchman, sat opposite them with his uncut cock standing proudly to attention. His foreskin was rolled back and he moved his hands up and down the shaft and teased the sensitive spots just below the head with every up stroke. Finally, there was George, who despite his recent orgasm was equally fired up and was wanking himself off with the speed of an express train.With a loud cry of indeterminate meaning, Ahmed came first, shortly followed by Lars. Paul and George almost had a dead heat as they too spewed their ball juice out from their cock heads. Finally the American completed the round by firing his creamy cum a massive distance into the air. Then all five slumped back and recovered in time for George to show them the location of the intended studio.All the visitors were pleased with the proposed studio and returned to the hotel in a more than contented frame of mind. George learnt that the idea was to use European money to fund and film a series of gay movies involving teenagers from Holland and Germany and young Arabs from North Africa. The idea was to have an American outlet, which would market the videos and earn large profits.Before the quartet left George had had an idea. He asked Lars if there was any chance that they could use footage of Greek and other boys having fun if they became available. Lars had responded positively and together they had explored the hotel and found a small disused room at the back of the premises, which it was agreed would be ideal for the purpose. Between them Lars and Paul had supplied the equipment, George had set up the room and over the years he had supplied some scenes that they had used in their movies.It was in the same room that George and Panos had first had sex and it was also the room in which Panos and Nick had so recently enjoyed a morning of enjoyable sex fun. The scene on George's video was just reaching a climax and so was George. His gentle wanking had turned into more furious lashing of his cock shaft. Just as Nick shot his load in the video, George shot his cum over his hand and then licked up his tasty jizz. As the video ended George wondered how many more times Panos and Nick (and who knew himself?) might get together and be videoed enjoying the Preteen Porn Pics favourite pastime.To be continued...If you like this story, please let me know as you comments are always encouraging and worthwhile. Email me at britishbadpuppy.com
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